Micky + Vincent

As a husband and wife team, we have developed a great synergy & process working together, carving out our own special roles, which allows us to work efficiently and creatively to capture moments during your special day!

Because there’s two of us, we’re able to be in two places at once. This doubles your coverage, and gets you a greater variety of perspectives, details and candids.


Originally from the Netherlands, Vincent attended Art & Photography school, worked at top studios in Amsterdam, and has been photographing weddings, events, portraits, food for decades. While Vincent strength is in his photography and creativity skills, people of all ages love working with him, for his light humor, sensitivity to their needs, communication and showing up early for every photoshoot. 


Micki has a wealth of experience in the creative & design industry,  including Graphic Design, Art Director, Website Design, and photography. Problem-solving and remaining calm while working well with different personality types is one of Micki's strengths.

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