Originally from the Netherlands, Vincent completed Art & Photography school in 1993. He worked at one of the top studios in Amsterdam. He relocated to France and dedicated more than 10 years pursuing his love for art and painting. His paintings have been featured in many exhibitions throughout Europe and in the U.S.


Vincent freelanced as a photographer in various photo assignments in The Netherlands, California and New York. His photography has been featured in the Orange County Seniors Directory, San Diego Children's Guide, Laguna Beach Guide, White Plains Monthly Magazine, websites listed below and many more.



InspiriaMedia, White Plains, NY |  Inspiriamedia.com

UFVS Property Management, NY

Sofrito Restaurant, NY |  Sofritowhiteplains.com

LaScarbitta Ristorante, NY |  Scarbitta.com

Massa Coastal Italian, NY

Carlyle Property Management, NYC |  cccnyc.com

Riviera Publications, CA 

Westchester Burger, NY |  Westchesterburger.com

1st & 10 Bar & Grill, CT



HKU Art Institute, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Sicco Kolf Marketing Photo Studio, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Theatre de Kom, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

Riviera Publications, Laguna Beach, CA

InspiriaMedia, White Plains, NY 

Bishop Youth Sports Photography, PA

Life Touch Directories/Family Portraits, MN